Film – Nan Goldin review

Nan Goldin

Goldin’s project I’ll Be Your Mirror shows over 300 images that document the lives of her friends and lovers as well as herself. She displays her images in a slide show format as a visual diary of her life and the people around her that she lets people read. Goldin had a sort of obsession with photographing the people around her in fear of losing the memory of them.

I used to think I would never lose anyone just by photographing them, in fact my pictures show me how much I’ve lost.

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Golden documents the impact of AIDS and drug use, as well as the intimacies of her lovers and friends. She celebrates sexuality, capturing images of drag queens and also her friends.

Nan Goldin – Nan and Brian in bed

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Nan Goldin Greer and Robert on the bed, NYC 1982

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This image shows a couple on a bed, partly blurred as though the camera was moved at the moment the shutter was released. The colour of the image indicates artificial light which suggests that the image was taken indoors. Greer, whose body extends through the center of the frame looks lost in contemplation of something not accessible to the viewer. Both subject are looking away from each other seeming to be occupied by other things around them.

Nan one month after being battered 1984

This self portrait of Nan Goldin shows her own battered face after one of her lovers beat her severely, nearly blinding her. He burned her diary which he read and their addiction to the relationship almost destroyed them.

Our relationship was tense, sexual and bounded by drugs.