• The Farm Security Administration (FSA) was a government agency established in the 1930s.
  • The FSA photographers collected 80,000 photographs of America during the depression in 1930s.
  • The FSA was an effort during the Depression to combat American rural poverty.
  • Roy Stryker was hired to lead the photography section of the.
  • photographers of the FSA project went on to become some of the world greatest photographers.
  • The images stressed lives of the people effected by the depression.
  • The images were published in newspapers, magazines and books.

One of the most iconic image from the project was Dorothea Lange’s image Migrant Mother.

This image is Lange’s most iconic, reproduced images. That captures the impact of mother and child, and the lives effected by the depression. This picture also went on to become one of Lange’s most famous images. Lange capture five exposures of the family shown below, starting off at a distance  and working her closer with each exposure to took. The image Know as Migrant Mother is as shown the best exposure out of the five. With this image Lange not only captured the bond of mother and child but also the sympathy of the family’s circumstances and the feel to other parents of the bond and need to care for their own children.

Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (American, 1895–1965)

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